Talent Acquisition/Retention Tool – Workplace Real-Time Insights Platform Update

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As modern communications technology continues to infiltrate the business world, a software development team from Leti, UT, announces updates to its human analytics platform for the workplace.

Olumo’s latest iteration provides a specially designed platform to help employers listen, engage, assess and act on data and feedback from their staff. The newest version expands the company’s proprietary LEAP process to facilitate strategic insight and positive change.

More details can be found at https://www.olumo.com/resources/campaigns/attract_talent

The platform offers organizations a way to promote the human experience in a professional setting, bolstering morale among the workforce, increasing productivity, and driving revenue growth.

Studies suggest that active engagement and listening to employees often has a direct effect on retention and productivity levels. High rates of employee turnover are extremely costly for businesses. Olumo offers a way to ensure that staff members feel heard, valued, and part of the decision-making process.

Olumo’s LEAP concept combines the elements of listening, engaging, action, and progress into one easily digestible report. This organizational assessment is compiled from data gathered from, and anonymous conversations with, employees. New users can access this report without charge to see first-hand how the platform can impact their company’s operations.

This tool provides leaders with real-time insights, driven by human, rather than financial, data. It facilitates smarter decision-making through information gathered directly from workplace teams. Informal, anonymous chats are initiated via the platform’s text chat function.

Users can also benefit from the platform’s talent acquisition features. The ‘Attracting Talent Campaign’ is being offered as a complimentary trial for 30 days, preceded by a 30-minute consultation for new clients – also accessible at no charge to users.

Olumo also provides a convenient way to encourage diversity, promote inclusion, equality, and an atmosphere of respect in the workplace. By talking directly to employees, business owners can get a true measure of how their company is performing.

Other benefits include the alignment of culture, values, and mission, as well as improving the mental health of workers through giving them a space to share and offload concerns.

About Olumo

From its headquarters in Lehi, UT, the company has been specializing in human metrics and organizational health since 2020. Olumo’s software development team combines technical expertise with an innate understanding of the demands of modern business.

A spokesperson says, “We’ve perfected the process for gathering consistent people data by anonymously asking questions based on over 80 key indicators. At Olumo we’ve shown that people data + intentional actions = business results.”

With its latest software updates, Olumo is changing the face of workplace communications for the better.

For more information, please visit https://www.olumo.com/resources/campaigns/attract_talent

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