Talent Acquisition Candidate Relationship/HR Recruitment Hybrid Report Released

GoodTime releases a new report on the importance of candidate relationships when searching for talent. The company explains that now, more than ever, businesses need to adapt to the hybrid to remote work setup.

An unintended effect of the consecutive lockdowns has been the rise in remote or hybrid work models. As companies adapted to meet this need, their HR departments struggled to find, interview, and keep professional talents for their specific roles. In its latest report, GoodTime explains the four key things that companies need to have in order to build candidate relationships.

More details can be found at https://www.goodtime.io/blog/why-ta-leaders-are-now-focusing-on-the-candidate-relationship

The new report first clarifies what the candidate relationship is. As its name suggests, it is the connection between an employer and the potential employee. However, unlike traditional models where the employer had the upper hand, GoodTime argues that in today’s society, candidates share an equal role in whether or not they join the company.

The company explains that employees are interviewed inasmuch as they are interviewing. Today, candidates are less willing to enter a company that does not share four unique values: genuine connection, transparency, adaptability, and candidate well-being.

Emerging data suggests that more than half of candidates look for these values before entering a company. Analysts have seen that despite the fluctuating economy, candidates are willing to hold off on a job – even a high-paying one – if they feel that they will not be valued. Work culture has become one of the prime determinants on whether an employee stays, or even applies, to a company.

This can be connected with the hybrid to remote work-set up. Experts have noted that the further away people are from their companies physically, the more they want to feel connected to them. It is important, they say, that hiring departments communicate their culture from the get-go.

The report of GoodTime says that employees today do not want to waste their time in a company they will end up leaving in the future due to toxic work culture. Today’s employees are more discerning of what they want and seek to find a company that makes them feel less alone in an interconnected world.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.goodtime.io/blog/why-ta-leaders-are-now-focusing-on-the-candidate-relationship

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