Talencium LLC Extends Managed Business Services to Include US GAAP Requirements

Talencium LLC announced the launch of their new Business Managed Services with the Swiss Company Formation advisory services. For US clients, the additional service extension of US GAAP reporting, addresses an important aspect for US firms where consolidated reporting into a US-parent company is required.

SMEs and entrepreneurs looking to establish a Swiss company formation, can also benefit from the extended business managed services provided by Talencium LLC.

The Talencium managed services solutions are designed to address the most common issues faced by SMEs and entrepreneurs when considering setting-up new, international operations. Most commercial operations aim their initial focus at developing the commercial business activities, sales or trading development in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Using professional managed services for local administrative and on-going reporting requirements, provides an effective way to address these recurring operational activities. 

Especially smaller companies, who may not yet have the business and turnover capacities to hire full-time, qualified staff, can benefit from the managed services business model. The economies of scale make these services attractive, while still providing for customized solutions to fit individual requirements.

Especially for US companies establishing a business in Switzerland, the managed business services have been extended to include US GAAP accounting and auditing requirements, for those operations needing to integrate Swiss company balance sheet information into a consolidated, US-parent company reporting structure.

Combined with the Swiss company formation advisory, the managed business services include:

– Swiss accounting and preparation of consolidated accounts (Swiss GAAP)

– Swiss annual tax preparation and statutory reporting

– Swiss VAT reporting

– Administrative activities, such as secretarial and payroll administration

– Providing and maintaining a registered office

– For US companies, US GAAP accounting and auditing requirements

Michael Shrum , owner of Talencium LLC, had this to say about the managed services:

The managed services we provide meanwhile encompass all important operational and administrative requirements for SMEs and entrepreneurs, alike. These services are aimed at companies who are primarily interested in focusing on their commercial activities and are seeking to run lean and efficient operations. We are seeing continued demand in this capacity from international clients, therefore, the managed services solutions are streamlined to accommodate individual company requirements and operating circumstances. 

Using professional, local know-how, effectively places SMEs and entrepreneurs in the same competitive and functional capacities as the larger companies.

Those interested in learning more about Talencium´s Swiss company formation and managed business services solutions, can do so on the company website: www.zugincorporation.com.

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