Tactical Flashlight J5 V1 Pro Outdoor Durable 300 Lumens Torch Launched

A new tactical flashlight has been launched by J5 Tactical. The J5 V1 Pro Tactical Flashlight is a heavy duty torch ideal for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, camping and hunting.

J5 Tactical have announced the launch of their new J5 V1 Pro Tactical Flashlight. The new powerful flashlight is ideal for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, camping and hunting.

For more information please visit the Amazon listing here: https://amazon.com/J5-Tactical-V1-Pro-Flashlight-Original/dp/B00V7T1YRQ.

J5 Tactical are creators of a range of powerful torches and flashlights which are designed to be durable and have a super bright, blinding effect. Their light weight and tough designs are designed to be used on the move and during outdoor activities.

Their latest models is the J5 V1 Pro Tactical Flashlight. This torch is created from aircraft grade aluminum and is impact and water resistant. The powerful LED light output reaches 300 lumens that can reach the length of two football fields and has an adjustable focus range for different uses. It has three different modes of use which are high, low and strobe, this can be used for cycling.

This compact sized tactical flashlight is 4 inches long and 1.125 inches wide and has a skid proof design. The heavy duty nature of the torch makes it an ideal piece of equipment to use when taking part in outdoor activities such as cycling, climbing, hunting, hiking and camping.

The flashlight uses AA size alkaline, NiMH or lithium 14500 batteries. The economical flashlight only uses a single AA battery, which can produce one solid hour of brilliant bright light or two weeks of light with normal every day use.

J5 Tactical also produce three other models of flashlight. Each flashlight is made to the same high standard and durability of the J5 V1 Pro model. The other models available vary is size and light output brightness. For example the largest model is the J5 732-A which is 6 inches tall and is 935 lumens.

Customers who purchase this flashlight are covered by the company’s satisfaction guarantee. If they are not completely happy with their purchase then they will refund the purchase or replace the flashlight.

Those wishing to find out more can visit the Amazon listing on the link provided above.

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