Tacoma WA Heating And Cooing HVAC Energy Bill Budget Reduction Report Launched

A new heating and cooling money saving report has been launched by Ranger Heating & Cooling. They offer cutting-edge HVAC solutions for local Tacoma residents.

Ranger Heating & Cooling have released a report on the five ways to save money on air conditioning and summer energy bills. The heating, cooling and electric experts offer a full range of HVAC services to their customers Tacoma, WA.

For more information, please visit the website here: https://rangerheating.com

Ranger Heating & Cooling is a full service heating, cooling and electric company serving customers in Tacoma, WA and the surrounding Pacific Northwest area. They have been operating for over a decade and their fully certified technicians carry out their heating and air conditioning services efficiently and to a high standard.

The company have recently released a guide for customers who want to reduce their energy bills. The report, called “5 Ways to Save Money on Your Air Conditioning and Summer Energy Bill”, is packed with useful advice for home owners and how they operate their home air conditioning during the summer months.

The first piece of advice is to not run air conditioning when not at home, as it’s simply not needed. Home owners can still reap the benefits of air conditioning on their arrival back home by installing a smart thermostat, which can be programmed to switch on half an hour before people get home. Another way to save is to simply have the temperature set a little higher, saving up to 10% on bills.

Another tip is to keep to a schedule of regular air conditioner maintenance and servicing. This can spot simple problems, such as a dirty or clogged air filter, which puts a strain on the system making it work harder. Another point to consider is the regular checking of air ducts for and ensuring that they are effectively moving air around the home.

The final piece of advice in the report is to make sure that outdoor condensers are kept shaded, cool and clean. This simple at-home maintenance can save up to 10% on a monthly energy bill.

Those wishing to find out more about Ranger Heating & Cooling and their range of HVAC services can visit the website on the link provided above. They can also be contacted at: 253-336-3777.

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