Tacky Light Tour 2017 In Richmond Virginia Hosted By Camryn Limousine

A new Tacky Light Tour has been announced by Camryn Limousine, which showcases the Christmas lights on display in the local area. The tour visits the best festive lighting displays in Richmond, Virginia, and is ideal for anyone wanting to see Christmas decorations.

Camryn Limousine has launched a new Tacky Light Tour in Richmond. The service includes guided limousine tours of the best light displays in the area through December 31, and is perfect for anyone who loves Christmas decorations and light displays.

More information can be found at: http://camryn-limo.com/Camryn/special-occasions/richmond-tacky-light-tours.

The Tacky Light Tour is a fun and exciting Christmas tradition in the Richmond area of Virginia. The residents of Richmond put on the best festive light displays they can in an attempt to out-do each other, and the tradition happens every year around Christmas time.

Some of the displays that can be seen include a huge array of different coloured lights, some across buildings, as well as gardens, fences, sheds, trees and more areas that the residents can get to. Certain light displays even include festive light-up ornaments and interactive displays, so there is a huge variety to be seen.

The service includes being picked up in Charlottesville to start the tour, and they are run all the way through the month of December. The tour guides and tour limousines are very accommodating, including televisions with DVD players, wires to play music from customers’ own devices, privacy partitions, special lighting, ice chests, drink holders and electrical sockets.

Visitors to the site will see that the Tacky Light Tour is not the only service that Camryn Limousine offers. They also have a selection of other tours which can be booked, including wine tours and art tours. They also offer a wedding service, as well as a Waynesboro tour.

A recent customer said: “We had such an amazing time doing the tacky lights tour in Richmond. John, our driver, was really nice and knew all the places to see the best lights. My dad has trouble walking and John went out of his way to make sure he was safe and comfortable when getting in the vehicle.”

More information is available from the above-mentioned website or from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX9XsaGCY5s

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