Tablet Computers and Adult Coloring Books

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Awesome Selection Of Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s and Adult Coloring Books

The company is located in Scarborough, Ontario Canada and eventually will go online worldwide. There will be more press releases done as the company expands into more products. This company sells Books, Clothes, Electronics, and Collectibles at premium prices and the quality is definitely of the highest grade . The company is giving a 60 day money back guarantee to set itself apart from all competition. Reasons How Coloring Books May Improve Peoples Lives: From childhood coloring books has been used as a method of teaching children to improve their thinking skills and color recognition. In the new era adult coloring books have been made they are topping the best seller’s book lists. This old fashioned hobby is being bought by all types of people from all walks of life. This new method is making a big impact on those in stressful professional jobs. If anyone is looking for a way to relax the brain after a busy day at work, then why not try an adult coloring book? It will be worth the try. Why will mature people or adults love to color? Check the list below of some of the benefits people have personally experienced –

1. Sleep disorders- do some coloring before going to bed and the brain will disconnect from all hectic life and help in sleeping.

2. Coloring books helps exercise the creative side of the brain; its like having a gym session for the brain.

3. Provides with total control on what anyone wants to do without being judged. If anyone wants to color a snowman blue then they can do it!

4. Self esteem gets a boost when creating unique artwork.

5. Therapeutic counselors are recommending to their clients for providing people with some” me time”

6. Coloring gives the eyes a rest from the flickering screens of all mobile devices

7. For those who have family members with Alzheimer’s- the books help bring families together. The Alzheimer’s patient can do exactly what the other families are doing without being confused or left out.

8. Art therapists are in agreement that adult coloring books help lift the mood, reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

As seen from the list above there are many ways to relax rather than just Yoga and Wu-Shu classes! Still unsure about using coloring books to help in relaxing? Take a look at the

children in the area, many of them probably aren’t looking like they are stressed out. Surely children experience occasional temper, but when children are playing or doing simple things like coloring they will be seen looking chilled and relaxed.

Did Microsoft Finally Make A Tablet That Will Take Laptops To Oblivion?

Microsoft unveils its own model of laptop at a press event in 2014. Microsoft even said that tablets will put laptops into obscurity. At that event the speaker who is also the chief of Microsoft looked around the room and witnessed rows of journalists, all using Ultrabooks including the Macbook Air to type their pre-written report. The chief of Microsoft made the audience in that

moment feel that Microsoft are at the brink of defeat against the brands of these gadgets that the reporters were using at the time. Yes Microsoft had multiple chances to prove that it can connect the apportion between a slate and a laptop. Both the first- gen and second -gen surface tablets were intended to be a compound device. Unfortunately both times, the company

fell short in doing so. The Surface Pro 2 in particular was enough to rival Ultrabooks, but deteriorate from several flaws like; it was unpleasant to use in the lap like the laptop, but at the same time is also uneasy to use as a tablet. For most people the touchscreen laptop was still the most viable choice. Still that is not the reason Microsoft recognized their defeat at that event-that was him being tenacious. Then he finally unveiled that this was not a laptop, but a tablet the Surface Pro 3. Most notably, this third generation device steps up to a larger, 12-inch screen, bringing it in line with contemporary scale of an Ultrabook. The keyboard has been upgraded too, this time with a larger, more perceptive touch pad and the ability to prop it up at a more comfortable angle.

As a tablet, meanwhile, the Surface Pro 3 is also thinner and lighter than its predecessor Surface Pro 2, despite having a bigger display.

All told, the Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft’s thinnest, lightest, best tablet to this date. The speaker even went so far as to say, “Today we take the conflict away.”

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