T-Tube Adam Payne 2016 Increase Video Views YouTube Channel Software Launched

Adam Payne has announced the launch of a new YouTube traffic generation program to help business owners get more views and capitalize on the power of video marketing. Called T-Tube, it focuses on the best way to maximise titles, tags and thumbnails.

A new YouTube marketing product has launched which helps video makers to increase their channel recognition, generate more views, and improve their subscriber base. Called T-Tube, it was created by Adam Payne as a way for business owners to expand their work through the power of video, regardless of their experience level with the medium.

More information can be found on the T-Tube website at: http://letsgolook.at/T-Tube.

The site explains that video is quickly becoming the most powerful tool available to marketers in today’s online world, accounting for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. This means that businesses who don’t use video as part of their primary marketing strategy can be missing out on huge advantages over their competitors.

It goes on to say that, while many people create videos and publish them online, they often get frustrated by lack of results and immediate views. This frustration can lead to the business spending more time trying to get viewers, even if it’s one at a time, than creating their next video.

T-Tube was created to help site owners and businesses to produce the best videos, and teach them new tricks to help those videos get noticed. These techniques were developed by Adam Payne as part of a software package that increased the views and CTRs of both his own video and those of his clients.

Through this development process, Adam Payne discovered that the most important factor of videos on YouTube was on-video optimization. He termed the honing of these elements the “three Ts”, which stands for Titles, Tags and Thumbnails.

A video preview of T-Tube is available on site to break down these elements I’m more detail, but Adam Payne also offers guides on each one. He explains that titles are the first visual element a viewer will see, and needs to hook them in before they can click away. Tags help to get videos found, so it’s imperative the right amount and the right kind are used. And thumbnails can be just as click compelling as the title.

Further details of the product are available at: http://muncheye.com/adam-payne-et-al-t-tube.

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