Syosset Martial Arts Student Beats Bigger Kid: Bringing Home 2 Gold Medals.

Size is no matter when it comes to martial arts. Smaller student defeats older kids and brings home 2 gold medals.

It was less than a month ago that martial arts students from Masters Martial Arts in Syosset Long Island competed at Hunter College and won gold again.  Many months of preparation went into training kids and adults for this major Taekwondo tournament.  Students from the tri-state-area from all ages came to compete in forms, board breaking and sparring.  One student that really stood out on this day was Lindsay J.  She is a very talented and accomplished taekwondo student and she has not even hit her teens yet.

Click here for the champion and her gold medals.

Many students trained hard for this competition but for Lindsay it was not only hard work but it was fun as she loves challenges.  It is not hard to see that she loves the sport and competition of Taekwondo as both her parents are high ranking black belts and champions too.  Although this was not her first tournament it was her first time that she has won gold in more than one division.  It was also the very first time that she was asked to compete against higher ranked, older and bigger competitors.  Although she won her division, she was asked to compete for exhibition against the older girls.  Being the daring student that she is she respectfully asked permission from her instructor and then her dad if it was alright to do so.  

After the matches were set up she began to not only hold her own but she actually outscored all her competitors by at least ten points and more.  Since this was for exhibition they allowed the fight to continue and not stop as most tournaments do when a ten point gap happens.  What is even more important to mention is that she gracefully and respectfully continued to kick and punch with control so that her opponent would not get her.  Lindsay J. a true champion inside and out.

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