Syosset Martial Arts Master Teaches Body Weight Exercises: Masters Martial Arts Kids Action

Syosset Martial Arts Masters teaches pushup variations for fun and massive results.

Doing pushups everyday can be a great exercise that increases strength for the shoulders, arms and chest.  It is also quite the complete body workout that involves the abdominal region, lower back, gluteal muscles and legs.  But doing them on a daily basis can be quite boring and also a challenge if the upper body is not strong.  At Masters Martial Arts Studio located in Syosset, NY Master Mike Lee focuses on ways of making exercises fun and challenging to students of all ages.  Here are three variations in how pushups can be executed with fun and challenging techniques.  

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The first variation is to do a pushup hold.  Instead on bending and extending repetitiously for ten to fifty times try to shorten the workout with isometric holds.  Start in pushup position with arms locked, then progress toward floor by bending arms, hold bent position for three to five seconds then extend to upward pushup position.  Perform three to five sets.

Second exercise is pushup punches.  This exercise can be performed with pushups- bending and extending arms or just from plank (holding arms locked) position.  To begin start with hands firm on floor and punch perpendicular to floor.  Alternate punches between ten to twenty sets.

The third and final pushup variation is the triangle leg raise.  Place hands on floor with fingers touching each other forming a triangular shape.  Place feet together with legs straight.  When bending arms as the chest reaches floor raise one leg back straight as high as possible.  Continue to do same with alternating legs.  This is the most challenging pushup variation of the three.  

Always perform dynamic stretching prior to performing pushups.  Pulled chest muscles can result from lack of blood flow or from over exertion.

Pushups can be conquered with ease when proper technique and fun variations are done.

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