SyndLab Joshua Zamora 2017 Content Syndicator App Launched

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SyndLab, a new web app that allows users to automatically syndicate their content across several networks, was recently launched by Joshua Zamora. Including more than 20 built-in sites, users choose which to syndicate to. The software is designed to increase rankings, traffic, and sales.

Joshua Zamora recently launched SyndLab, a new web app that allows customers to automatically syndicate their content across more than 25 networks for fast page rankings for both videos and niche sites.

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SyndLab lets users quickly and easily syndicate their videos, or niche sites across all their networks, gain access to fast page rankings, syndicate their content on social media, and post instantly or schedule posts for the future.

In addition, the software includes a 4-part offer of different features that the customer can benefit from. For example, users can create an unlimited number of campaigns, create multiple-tiered campaigns, unlock additional networks that they can syndicate to, and syndicate to video sites.

Another feature, the SyndLab plugin, allows users to connect any WP sites to their account and set up automatic syndication for any new or old blog post that they haven’t recently updated and want to syndicate. This allows them to rank their websites, as well as revive old websites that haven’t been updated. Users will also unlock the VA license and gain access to virtual assistants.

The software performs these tasks in a few steps. First, users choose whether they want to syndicate and rank a video or niche website. Then, choosing from the 21 built-in social platforms, users select which sites that they want their content to be syndicated to. Last, users can decide if they want the content to be syndicated instantly, or if they want to schedule it for a later date and time.

Users will also be able to access the Video Chief Membership website. This will provide them with more than 350 video templates that they can rank using SyndLab.

SyndLab is designed to efeectively syndicate content in order to bring better rankings, traffic, and sales. For more information on this new software, visit

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