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Miles Internet Marketing has developed expanded possibilities with Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing by releasing their High Authority 'Syndicated Content for Social Media & SEO Platform'. Find further information at You can reach them with any questions at 508-384-5990.

December 20th, 2020 – Wrentham, MA. Miles Internet Marketing announced the continued expansion into Massachusetts and Rhode Island with the latest release of their High Authority ‘Syndicated Content for Social Media & Search Engine Optimization Platform’ and Custom Video Marketing services available for small to mid-sized companies looking to grow their business. The new products all complement each other and take both social media exposure and SEO to another level for generating both online and offline results for business owners in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas. The most important benefits are the products will create strategic online exposure to increase brand awareness, tactical branding at extreme levels to get their clients noticed, advanced reputation building to instill trust in their marketplace and real-time first page ranking on the first page of Google in hundreds of places so they are easily found.They also receive promotion on social media outlets as well as higher organic rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. They are seeing many keyword phrases ranking for clients on page one and many of them are in the # 1 position. Rankings can be achieved as quickly as in one hour. They have seen strong results in as little as TWO minutes which is a major breakthrough. These results defy what a typical SEO company could achieve in 6 to 12 months. This results in more visitors to client’s websites which leads to more business and can enhance their online reputation at the same time. The ‘Syndicated Content’ generation and diversification does this with a new strategy that is a breakthrough for Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and Video Marketing techniques.

David Miles, Owner and Founder at Miles Internet Marketing, says: “We wanted to develop something all new with the ‘Syndicated High Authority Packages’. Anyone familiar with the Search Engine Optimization market will probably have noticed how everyone else seems to be focused on the wrong elements while we are giving Google and the other search engines exactly what they want to see. In fact, it’s what the search engines are demanding if you want to get better and faster ranking results. Those who ignore what Google wants to see for content will suffer from either poor rankings or none at all. With the ‘High Authority Platform’, and the synergy of adding Video Marketing we have created yet another new dimension to our Search Engine Optimization capabilities where we are achieving almost instant results in the search engines for our clients and they can see the big difference.”

Miles Internet Marketing wanted to create a fresh new way to deliver the kind of content that the search engines want. Their packages have been developed on a unique platform that creates thousands of content submissions that are timely and fresh. The ability to deliver what the search engines seek has allowed them to rank higher and faster in the organic search results. Their clients get to see the results quickly and appreciate the benefits of those kinds of results.

David Miles also said “We want to give our customers the best service available and help them decide (based on our research) which level of content and keyword combination package would work best for them. With the ‘Syndicated Content Packages’, they have a fresh new possibility. We want them to feel when using our service, they will be able to rest easy knowing that everything we are doing will be Google safe and compliant. We have observed the outcome over several years with spectacular results for a wide range of clients both large and small.”

Founded in July of 2009 Miles Internet Marketing has always aimed to create a level playing field so that small and mid-sized businesses can compete with the big companies who have larger budgets and their own marketing departments.

Being on the cutting edge of internet marketing has always been one of the primary goals of Miles Internet Marketing. Developing new and unique services has been part of their growth, offering services that are unique and extremely cost competitive has helped lead them to great success. The High Authority ‘Syndicated Content Platform’ takes the old thinking about content to a whole new level. When coupled with the Video Marketing Platform they have developed results that are synergistically blended for the best outcomes. By being able to offer services that go beyond cutting-edge techniques they have managed to create a stir with their competitors.

Miles Internet Marketing is pleased that they have now expanded into additional markets and can help more business owners get the online marketing results they want and need. The service has been available since the middle of September 2017. To find out more, it’s possible to visit For additional information on Video Marketing visit

You can also visit the video marketing website

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