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Chronic pancreatitis is a continuous and long-lasting swelling of the pancreas, most of the time, due to alcoholism. Sadly, this damage to the pancreas is irreversible.

Chronic pancreatitis is a continuous and long-lasting swelling of the pancreas. Sadly, this damage to the pancreas is irreversible.

The pancreas is an organ that has two very important functions within the body. Firstly, it enables the digestion of food. Secondly, within this organ, and by producing two essential hormones, glucagon and insulin, it regulates the blood sugar levels.

Moreover, its location is in the center and back part of the abdominal cavity. The organ is surrounded by the liver, the first portion of the intestine (the duodenum), and the stomach. For food digestion, the pancreas produces special proteins (enzymes) that, thanks to a duct, will reach the duodenum, where food absorption begins.

However, it does not reach the duodenum alone. The pancreatic duct will also appear with the common bile duct coming from the liver, similarly releasing important food digestion elements.

All this information recalling the important functions of the pancreas is for one purpose, for people to know that when there is a chronic swelling of this organ, several of these functions will be lost. Therefore, numerous digestive symptoms could appear with this disease, such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and weight loss. Besides, depending on the severity, many other symptoms could appear similarly, like the ones concerning a dysfunctional hormonal system in charge of the blood sugar levels.

In comparison to an acute pancreatitis episode, which also has a pancreas swelling. Unfortunately, in this case, it is not reversible. Hence, these patients require monitoring due to the possible loss of pancreatic functions in the long run.

Several reasons exist for developing chronic pancreatitis, although more than half of the cases are due to excessive alcohol consumption. Additionally, despite all the possible reasons for this disease, approximately a quarter of them have no apparent origin at all. So, what is important is to find which people have this condition to treat them.

This is a Chronic Pancreatitis Symptoms Checker. It gathers the most important signs, symptoms, and risk factors for this disease.

Chronic pancreatitis is a disease that tends to affect adults, both males and females, at an average of 45 and 35 years, respectively. However, this will vary greatly depending on the underlying cause of chronic pancreatitis.

Most people do not know they have the disease because the symptoms are not so alarming in the early stages. As the disease progresses, it will get worse and worse till people seek medical attention.

How long a person will live with this disease depends on several factors, including the patient’s adherence to treatment and absence and the prevention of many possible complications arising from chronic pancreatitis.

That is what this tool is all about, prevention. The chronic pancreatitis symptoms checker has questions that aim to identify the most important symptoms and risk factors for developing this condition.

Consequently, the tool will tell anybody who uses it the likelihood of their symptoms because of chronic pancreatitis. It could also be positive if somebody has several risk factors for the disease too.

Remember that for diagnosing this disease, a doctor must run several blood and imaging tests. Besides, this tool does not replace a proper assessment by a doctor. However, the tool will allow people to know if they have symptoms or strong risk factors for this disease. Using the tool is free and would only take a few minutes.

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