Sydney Designers Launch Kickstarter Campaign – Bean About: Beanbag in a Backpack

Innovative new Kickstarter campaign, “Bean About", a beanbag in a backpack. Bean About is targeted at anyone who loves a comfortable seat that can be easily carried to festivals, parks, the beach and outdoor cinemas. Fits people of all shapes and sizes.

The Bean About, a portable beanbag in a backpack, is a new Kickstarter product launched on Saturday, 9th July, 2016. The journey from humble beanbag to comfortable and trendy portable “beanbag in a backpack” is documented through a series of clever and funny videos put together by the product’s inventors and designers, Andy Audsley and partner Vanessa Wright.

Audsley and Wright always loved traditional beanbags but understood their limitations and knew they were bulky and difficult to carry around. At the same time, they seemed like the perfect chair for family and friends to lounge on. From these thoughts grew the concept of the “Bean About”.

This trademarked invention has turned the “good old” beanbag into something that is easily carried and provides a comfortable back rest at the beach, park or festivals. These beanbags fit, and support, people of all sizes and come in two styles, for adults and children. The designers have a vision of entire families taking their Bean About wherever they go, out and about.

The Bean About easily folds away into a light backpack with pockets for all the essentials such as wallet, phone, keys and water.

Conscious of environmental concerns and with a desire to reduce the size of the beanbag, the team spent many hours testing weight and volume of different beans to come up with the perfect type and amount for comfort and portability. The final product uses less than half that of a traditional bean bag and is even more comfortable as it is designed to fit to the contours of a person’s body.

The Bean About’s trademarked and patented design, is set to go into full production in November, assuming a successful Kickstarter campaign. The Bean About campaign videos show the entire creative process, from inception to design through to use of the final product.

The main focus of the Bean About is on delivering a seriously comfortable but totally portable beanbag chair. Olatundji Akpo-Sani, of Tamarama, NSW, Australia says of the Bean About, “As a pretty big guy (over 2 meters and 110 kg), it can be difficult to find comfortable seating to take with me when I go to the park or the beach. Not only did I find the Bean About easy to carry, it supported my back no matter where I was, which made it super comfortable to sit or lounge in.”

The design of the backpacks, including one for children from well-known Australian artist Mulga, make them a trendy accessory that is easy to carry and fashionable. The children’s size has a big pocket for carrying extras and the adult bag has additional pockets that can even fit the essentials for festivals, picnics, BBQ’s or any outing that needs a BYO chair.

The Bean About project supports 3 critically endangered species, the Tiger, Mountain Gorilla and Rock Wallaby. The intention is to support, through quarterly donations, 3 front line organisations fighting to preserve these amazing creatures: TRAFFIC, Virunga National Park and The Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Wright and Audsley hope that people will take their Bean About here, there and everywhere to make the world a more comfortable place. With washable materials and simplicity of design, the Bean About portable beanbag in a backpack revolution might well be here to stay!

The Bean About is currently only available through pledges to the Kickstarter campaign. Supporters can take advantage of a range of pledge levels and savings that are limited and only offered while the campaign is alive.

In a recent interview, the designers made a point of thanking everyone who has contributed their time and efforts to the Bean About campaign. Vanessa said: “We’d like to thank everyone who has played a part in getting the Bean About to this point. We have had great fun perfecting the design and production of the Bean About beanbag in a backpack. We hope you find your “comfort zone” whenever you’ve “Bean About”. Thank you to everyone who supports our Kickstarter project.”

For complete information about the Bean About and to watch the video showcase go to: or visit the Bean About website.

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