Sydney Childrens Optometrist Eye Test Strabismus Amblyopia Guide Parents Launch

A new guide for strabismus and amblyopia has been launched by a leading Sydney optometry practice. Eyecare Kids has six locations in Sydney, including Hillsdale, Bankstown, Broadway, Chullora, Kareela, and Roselands.

Up to 3 to 5% of children suffer from strabismus and/or amblyopia. Eyecare Kids, an optometry service brand based in Sydney, has launched a new guide for Amblyopia month, offering advice and guidance for parents of children with strabismus or amblyopia. It allows them to learn more about these conditions and what their options are when dealing with them.

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The Sydney optometry practice is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and can help children in a number of different ways. Parents or carers worrying about whether or not their child’s eyesight might be affecting their ability to learn effectively at school can book in for an eye test to find out more.

Children’s vision can constantly change, so it’s important to stay on top of it to promote the best vision and health. The Optometrists Association of Australia recommends regular eye tests for children, and the friendly team of behavioural optometrists at Eyecare Kids are trained to make each child’s appointment easy and stress free.

The team at Eyecare Kids believes that vision is more than just seeing clearly and that it’s important to improve the quality of patients’ lives through quality of vision.

In the new guide offered by the Sydney practice, readers can learn more about eye turns, lazy eye, and knowing what they can do to make their children’s vision better. This means that parents or carers of children with strabismus or amblyopia will find a lot to take in and digest.

The guide offers all the must-know information on strabismus and amblyopia, all of which is based on the latest research in the field. In addition to this, parents can learn valuable insights on living with these conditions and how to manage them.

They can also discover what can save vision when eye muscle surgery fails, and how to make both eyes work better together.

Their team of optometrists states: “If its been 2 years or more since their last eye test, we recommend you contact us to book an appointment today.”

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