Sydenham Smart Home Installation Expert – Energy Efficiency Automation Expanded

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C. Hurst Electrical Contractors (020-8659-4055) expands its services to customers across South East London, providing energy-saving solutions for smart homes including automated lighting, zoned heating and apps that monitor energy consumption.

Sydenham smart home installation experts C. Hurst Electrical Contractors announced the expansion of their home automation installation services across South East London. The company specializes in home automation for improved energy efficiency.

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With the latest announcement, the company makes its energy-efficient smart home installation services available to more customers in South East London. Their single-app automation system controls lighting, heating and security while monitoring domestic energy consumption.

C. Hurst Electricals has partnered with Loxone to provide advanced Smart Home technologies that limit energy wastage and cut down household bills. The Sydenham contractor is equipped to install these systems in offices, hotels and other large commercial premises. Their expert electricians certified by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) and have more than 20 years of experience.

Loxone’s automated lighting adjusts itself based on the availability of natural light. It comes with multi-zone power control that sets timers for light usage, adjusts brightness and turns off lights in vacant rooms. Smart heating calibrates indoor temperature based on outdoor weather conditions.

The home system can be accessed from anywhere using an app that provides timely security updates and can remotely switch off household devices and appliances.

Loxone’s security system is activated by motion sensors and automatically sets alarms and locks doors once a house is empty. Unlike other smart home services, Loxone uses a mini-server instead of the cloud to store data internally which removes the risk of a data breach.

C. Hurst Electricals also installs Loxone’s multi-room smart audio system that plays music wirelessly in different rooms and integrates the doorbell and security alarms with the house’s audio system.

Approximately 80 per cent of energy used globally comes from non-renewable resources. Installing Loxone smart home technologies that manage the daily use of electricity can be a step towards a more energy-efficient lifestyle.

With the latest announcement, C. Hurts Electrical Contractors continues its commitment to provide advanced, innovative electrical solutions that combine luxury, comfort and sustainability. A satisfied customer said, “Colin and his electricians carried out a top-quality smart home installation in my house. Friendly and helpful service. We highly recommend their smart home installation services.”

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