Sydenham London Smart Home Security Utility Savings Installation Service Launch

C.Hurst Electrical Contractors have launched smart home installations in Sydenham. The systems add security, convenience, and savings to the residents of this London suburb.

The leading installer of smart home installations in South East London has launched installations in Sydenham. They have partnered with Loxone which brings the most up to date technology to the homes of London.

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The launch of smart home technology now available in Sydenham brings a new level of efficiency and security to the homes of South East London. The move to Smart Home Technology in Sydenham was prompted in part by the recent social unrest and lockdowns.

With a Loxone Smart Home installation residents of Sydenham can now enjoy the advantages of Smart Home technology. One of the primary long term benefits that will pay for a Smart Home installation is the savings realised on utility costs.

A Loxone Smart Home is energy efficient and cuts down household bills by monitoring a home’s energy consumption, and multi-zone power control that allows a resident to turn off lights in other rooms, set timers for light usage and adjust brightness. With a smart home installation, a Sydenham homeowner can turn off all standby devices with the touch of a button no matter where they are and smart heating gives total control over when heating is on or off.

The ‘brain’ of the Smart Home, the Mini Server, is created in a way that a home can become responsive to its environment. It monitors and responds to light levels, temperature, security breaches, and more. All these systems are able to ‘speak’ to each other, giving you ultimate luxury and control.

A Smart Home installation by this electrical contracting company in Sydenham brings a whole new level of security to the residents in this London suburb. The alarm system is activated through motion sensors and door contact sensors. Residents receive instantaneous notifications through their phones, tablets, or PCs.

Another feature of a Smart Home is the installation of the audio system. This feature allows homeowners to play music in different rooms of the home and set timers and controls for what music is played where, and at what time.

C.Hurst Electrical offers a complete smart home solution for lighting, heating, security (including locks), audio, blinds, PV & Solar, and more in Sydenham, Forest Hill, and across London.

The launch of Smart Home Technology in Sydenham brings security, safety, and convenience to the homeowners of this area. Homeowners in Sydenham can access their entire home through just one app or switch.

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