Sword of Dragonblood Fantasy Series Nature Duality L. S. Goulet Book Launched

A new children's book has launched on Amazon, Kindle and Createspace. Called Sword of Dragonblood, it is written by L. S. Goulet to engage young readers in a fun, adventurous story with an underlying message about the duality of nature.

Author L. S. Goulet has published a new children’s book called Sword of Dragonblood, available through Amazon, Kindle, and Createspace. Its aim is to engage young readers in a fun, adventurous story with the underlying message about the duality of nature. The author explains that not only is the book an adventure but it was an adventure writing it, and she is excited that it’s finally out in the world.

More information can be found on L. S. Goulet’s website at: https://goo.gl/gdXrZk.

L. S. Goulet lived in Bethel, Alaska where she met her husband in 1989 before moving to Anchorage when he got relocated with the military. After that, she moved to Eagle River, and she still lives there today with her family and their assortment of animals. Her hobbies include reading, drawing, and playing musical instruments. She explains that she loves to write for children and middle grade readers, believing that if only one child enjoys her books she has achieved a great accomplishment.

Sword of Dragonblood tells the story of Darrel Sak, an 8th-grader, who realizes his lifelong nightmares are real and that nothing is as it seems in the small New England town of Blind Spot. Teaming up with Maisy on a quest to save his dad from Proteus Shyfte, he uncovers a plan to dominate the magical world of Shaemaaie. Unfortunately for Darrel, the key to Proteus’s evil plan has been transferred to him, and to survive, he must decide just how much he is willing to give up.

The book’s website explains that it will have readers befriending strange creatures and battling powerful enemies, with lives at stake and time running out. The focus of the story is that many times situations and people are not as they seem. It touches on the duality of nature and how facing fears can be difficult, but necessary, in order to grow.

L. S. Goulet said: “I felt compelled to express my love of fantasy and adventure to a younger group of people. A book accessible to young readers in both language level, lack of verbal and physical obscenity, and one that followed a protagonist’s journey. The result was Darrel, a quirky, snarky, young boy troubled by night terrors who must come to terms with his own fears and superstitions to save his dad, in the Down Dreamer Trilogy.”

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