Swenson Park Golf Course Welcomes Jeff Palmer, PGA as Director Of Instruction

Swenson Park Golf Course has brought on Jeff Palmer as new Director Of Instruction in charge of Improving the use of technology for golfers to insure their maximum performance.

25+ years as a PGA professional., Jeff Palmer takes new position as Director Of Instruction for Swenson Park Golf Course. Jeff has a great way of transforming what can be considered a very frustrating game, into a process and a game that is enjoyable and almost always insures a smile.

More details can be found on Jeff’s profile page, https://www.thebestof.golf/stockton/golf-instructors/jeff-palmer

Swenson Park Golf Course Head Professional, Joe Smith, PGA expressed confidence that Jeff Palmer is ready to handle the job, saying:

The past results Jeff has attained in other positions makes him a great fit.

Among the new responsibilities Jeff Palmer can expect to handle, the main challenges are:

* Improving the use of technology for golfers to insure their maximum performance.

* Adding more knowledge and experience to our team.

* Continuing to promote Swenson Park Golf Course as a center of excellence for Junior Golf instruction.

Jeff uses technology that many of today’s top tour players use. Besides video, Jeff utilizes Force Plates, 3D capture and Wright Balance body screenings to insure maximum performance.

He has coached all levels and ages throughout his 25+ years as a PGA professional. Over the past years Jeff has learned from the leaders in golf swing bio dynamics and golf club physics and forces. He is one of a few Tathata Movement Specialists on the West Coast, a Level One BioSwing Dynamics instructor, Certified Gold with Forces and Motions (leader in kinematics, kinetics and golf club forces and torques research), Level One with the Titleist Performance Institute, Level Two with Swing Catalyst (force plate technology—Ground Reaction Forces), Level 5 with Wright Balance Technology, which is amazing research in body core research and balance across virtually every sport at every level.

This wide array of knowledge and tools allows Jeff to tailor a single lesson or program to insure, fast, long lasting improvement in all areas of the game, mind, body, power, accuracy, long game, short game, putting and anything else that is a concern.

Customers and current employees are invited to send their messages of congratulations and welcome to the new Director Of Instruction via the website: https://www.thebestof.golf/stockton/golf-instructors/jeff-palmer

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