Sweat Proof Wireless Workout Earbuds Water Resistant Jogging Headphones Launched

Yaarna, a Washington DC electronic products company, launched a pair of wireless sweat proof headphones specially designed for jogging, gym use and other physical activities. The headphones feature full in-ear support, soundproofing, and a 33-feet movement range for optimum autonomy and freedom of movement.

Yaarna, a Washington DC company specializing in headphones and other electronic products, launched a model of Bluetooth sweat proof headphones specially designed for jogging, gym use and other types of workout.

More information is available at http://amazon.yaarna.com.

Music has always been a favorite pastime for people throughout the world, and with the advance of modern portable music playing devices many have considered listening to music on the go.

This trend was followed by a wide diversification of the headphones market, as different types of listening require different headphones. Large, over-the-ear models are ideal for in-depth listening and soundproofing, while slimmer models are more suitable for commutes, casual listening, or other daily activities.

As more and more people have started listening to music while working out, headphones have been adapted for use during intense physical activities.

The new Bluetooth headphones from Yaarna are completely sweat proof, thus ensuring a safe and comfortable listening without damaging the headphones.

The Yaarna earbuds come in three sizes, suitable for small, medium, and large ears. The bud design is aimed at securing in-ear stability while running, crunching, jumping, head shaking and all other types of common workout movements.

Each pair of earbuds is equipped with an easily-accessible sound adjustment system, whereby sound volume and other settings are within easy reach during all physical activities. The headphones are designed for complete soundproofing, thus reducing all medium-volume exterior noise.

For optimum mobility range, the Bluetooth signal allows the Yaarna headphone user to operate within 33 feet of the transmitting device, which can be any Bluetooth-equipped phone, smartphone, TV, computer, or tablet.

The battery life is anywhere from four to six hours of continuous usage, thus allowing for long periods of working out without recharging the battery.

The current selling price for a pair of Yaarna earbuds is $19.99, a 60% discount off the original price of $49.99.

Interested parties can find more information and take advantage of the special pricing by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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