Suwanee Georgia Lease Purchase Poor Credit Flexible Product Program Launched

Okinus has launched affordable and flexible lease-purchasing options for customers of up to $8,000. These options are perfect for anybody wanting high quality merchandise at an affordable, easy to manage price.

Okinus has launched a newly updated lease purchase programs for customers seeking an affordable approach to product purchase. They offer a wide range of affordable lease-purchase options for quality merchandise such as jewelry, furniture and electronics.

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The lease-purchase options are ideal for anybody looking for top-quality gadgets and accessories, such as new household items, at an affordable, easy to manage and flexible price.

Okinus is a company that was created in 2004 to help customers rebuild credit ratings. Okinus initially began with lease-purchase options for furniture, and now offers these options for a huge range of products.

Options include HVAC and water heaters, furniture, appliances, electrons and other products such as jewelry. Lease-purchasing is a simple, easy way to get new products and pay for items over time compared to all in one go. In addition to this, lease-purchasing through Okinus and completing all payments or using the early purchase option means that the items will usually be available at a discount.

For ease of use, the company offers a mobile app so customers can manage their products on the go. They serve both retailers and direct to customers, and pride themselves on ensuring the best solutions for both.

Okinus offers lease-purchase options alongside a variety of customer benefits. The company understands that a lot of customers have poor credit and it is a huge struggle to build this back up.

In addition to this, customers do not need personal references as a requirement and can choose between bi-weekly and semi-monthly repayment options for flexibility.

Okinus states: “Our goal is to provide families with easy access to fast, flexible options to lease-purchase high quality merchandise at an affordable price while rebuilding credit. Are you currently in the market for new living room furniture? We can help. Or did your HVAC unit finally give out during the summer months? We can help.”

Full details can be found on the URL above. Interested parties can get in touch at or call at 1.800.472.1334.

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