SUVI x 3ritain’s “Rani Raja” Delivers A Distinctive and Original Sound

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Suvi and 3ritain's latest single "Rani Raja" is a heart-pumping and elevating track. The track delivers an original sound and tells a story of the underdog prevailing against all odds.

SUVI and 3ritain’s latest single “Rani Raja”, released on December 25th, 2020, delivers a gritty and illuminating sound that displays pulsating bass-driven elements, poetic lyricism and an array of Hip-Hop sounds mixed with rich South Indian influences. This single pulls you in through its carefully crafted Hip-Hop flows placed against Indian scales and alluring beats. The single is carried through its sultry lines, musical synergy and unique Indian scales blended with a fluid rhythmic beat.

Rani Raja” has a ferocious sound delivering a wonderful arrangement of drums, the use of strong Eastern rhythmic productions juxtaposed against a sampled buzzing Shenhai Indian woodwind instrument. The track tastefully showcases writing rhythmic drum elements with upturned beats and beautiful lyrical flows that float across scales of South Asian-inspired vocal lines and melodies. The distinctive lyricism of the track tells a story of prevailing against all odds. The single gives us a rich soundtrack of the underdog who experiences that rags to riches story.

The title of the track “Rani Raja” refers to Queen and King in the South Asian language of Hindi. SUVI comes in with the line “Don’t you know I’m a Rockstar, call me, call me, call Raja,” while her counterpart and collaborator on this track, 3ritain, flows with the line “Feeling like a Rani, but you can call me Robbie.” These lines play on the idea of shifting gender roles as it reveals the male voice embodying the female aspect, or the Rani, while the feminine voice embodies the masculine aspect, or the Raja.

“Rani Raja” is a delectable track all around. The song features sounds, beats, and rhythms that get you pumped and turned up on every level. This single reveals a thumping bass-driven track combined with unique harmonic elements from the South Asian continent, laced with edgy lyricism, making “Rani Raja” a must-hear for all.

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