Sustainable/Eco-Friendly Dresses – Minimalist Kaftan Fashion Range Launched

Traveling Black Dress, an organic and sustainable online fashion company updates its range of high-quality, minimalist black dresses suitable for everyday wear, travel, and loungewear.

With the updated range, customers have several distinct dresses to choose from, all with the comfort and elegance that is characteristic of the company’s products. All those in search of a longer, more covered style are offered the Hapa Kaftan, while those looking for a shorter cut have access to designs like the Namra Asymmetric Oversized Top. Both are made with organic bamboo and have a versatile, draping look appropriate for home life and outings.

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The updated range features 6 dresses in a single size suitable for almost everyone, including eco-conscious pregnant women. It includes the Yari Dress for customers seeking a distinctive summer design, offering cap sleeves, a placket opening at the front, and a slightly rounded hem with small side splits.

In the present age of ecological fear and uncertainty around the world, many are striving to better themselves and their planet through responsible choices in consumption. The fashion market, however, can sometimes seem inundated with products that make use of unethical, outdated manufacturing practices.

The team at Traveling Black Dress uses sustainable fabrics in order to give customers an environmentally aware avenue to purchasing high-quality dresses of a timeless, versatile design. Through the use of eco-friendly materials, the adverse side effects of traditional materials, such as high air pollution and water emission, are avoided. Some of their best-selling products are Kaftan for Women, Modern minimalist dress, Long summer Dresses, etc.

The company offers packaging made from recycled materials, and its boxes feature a light scent.

Traveling Black Dress is an online fashion store specializing in eco-friendly, minimalist designs. The company’s ethos has a particular appeal for women aged between 25 and 55, especially those traveling, studying, working professionally, and enthusiastic about environmental fashion. Its most loved and bestselling products are its maxi kaftans.

A spokesperson for the company said: “By choosing only to use sustainable fabrics like GOTS certified organic cotton, bamboo, and linen, and supporting organic farming practices, we are contributing in our small way to lowering carbon emissions and prioritizing water and air cleanliness. Our clothing provides maximum comfort whether traveling, lounging, or enjoying the outdoors.”

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