Suspense Thriller Mystery Adventure E-book Novel A Silver Medallion Launched

James R Callan has announced the launch of a new thriller novel in paperback and ebook format. Called A Silver Medallion, it is a suspenseful mystery that focuses on female protagonist Crystal's attempt to save child hostages.

A new suspense thriller ebook has been launched by Winnsboro author James R Callan called A Silver Medallion. It’s the second book in the A Crystal Moore suspense series, in which a bright, adventurous Crystal Moore comes face to face with slavery in Dallas, Texas. Described by New York Times bestselling author Bobbie Smith as a gripping, action packed adventure, it is available on Kindle and in paperback format.

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James R Callan is the experienced author of a wide range of books, encompassing fiction and non fiction. He presents workshops in the US and in Mexico on various aspects of the writing craft, and his writing guides include How to Write Great Dialog, and Character: The Heartbeat of the Novel. A Silver Medallion is his latest novel and has already won a mystery/thriller award.

Before becoming a published author, James Callan earned a degree in English and entered a PhD program in mathematics. Following that, he worked a range of jobs including as a research center prominent in the search for oil and gas. Now, as a writer, he is active in several organizations, including the Northeast Texas Writers’ Organization and the Ozarks Writers League.

His latest paperback and ebook mystery novel features a dramatic hostage situation and rescue attempt. The female protagonist, Crystal, meets a woman who is being blackmailed by someone looking to exploit the fact that her children are on their own in Mexico. Crustal realizes that in order to help the woman, she’s going to have to go to Mexico herself and rescue the girls first. But in doing so, she falls into a ruthless world where killers want her dead.

The James Callan thriller book has received glowing reviews on Amazon for its suspenseful action and for the way it captures the imagination. Full details of the story are available on the Amazon listing, where interested parties can also look inside the book and download a free sample to try.

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