Surviving the Coming Apocalypse Physical Safety Protection Tips Report Released

A report has been released by Protection Bay that discusses survival preparedness in a man-made or natural emergency. It provides expert advice for anyone concerned about survival in these times.

Protection Bay, the leading online source for reliable and cost-effective items for personal and home protection has released a report about Surviving the Coming Apocalypse. The company specializes in providing individuals and families with stun guns, pepper spray, video surveillance, and survival gear.

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The release of this report details strategies that everyone should be aware of to survive the coming apocalypse. The suggestions in this report are to aid individuals in planning, preparation, and procurement of supplies. Websites are provided in the report so that further study can be done by all interested parties.

The release discusses different survival satchels, also known as go bags, typically lightweight military-grade backpacks stocked with provisions for at least 72 hours.

In the realm of finances, the release recommends individuals obtain some silver coins to survive an apocalypse. They cite many financial leaders that believe that the world is on the brink of a financial disaster that will cause the crash of all world currencies.

The report recommends bags with rolls of pre-1965 American dimes, quarters or half-dollars, which are 90 percent silver and available from coin dealers and precious-metals websites.

Some preparedness experts suggest that for the worst-case scenario one should have a stock of barter items that include tampons, vegetable seeds, cigarettes, bullets, whiskey, laundry detergent, pain killers, flea medicine, engine oil, toilet paper, and other essential items.

An unusual item that the release recommends are condoms. The authors state, “In the event of an apocalypse, bring condoms. Featherweight, ultra compact and durable, condoms can be used as a makeshift canteen to store water, a fire starter, fish bobbers, signaling devices or as elastic bands for an improvised slingshot to hunt small game.”

Protection devices and strategies are another area discussed in the report. Knives are the recommended weapon of choice and Protection Bay has a broad selection of knives that can be purchased from the company website.

The report discusses many other items including collapsible kayaks, escape chutes, small parachutes, Jetpacks, domes, growing rabbits, archery, manufacturing fabric, bread, ceramic cookware, and making wood furniture by hand.

This release points individuals in the right direction to begin their planning and preparation for any type of disaster. Protection Bay hopes things never get so bad that the advice is needed but believes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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