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TEOTWAWKI Channel, a survival video hosting website, was officially launched. The website features content related to outdoor cooking, survival and prepping tactics, and it allows its users to create their own survival and outdoors channels and video shows.

TEOTWAWKI Channel, a video hosting website dedicated to survival, prepping and outdoors lifestyle vlogs and shows, was officially launched.

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Outdoor and survival shows have become increasingly popular over the years, as the sedentary lifestyle of most urban dwellers stirred their interest for a more active, nature-oriented lifestyle. Popular shows such as Swamp People or Alaska: The Last Frontier, as well as the Discovery hit Man vs Wild provide both a source of entertainment and valuable outdoor and survival information.

While professional television programs are widely popular, there has been a similar effort on the part of amateur online enthusiasts, who have created long-running shows on various platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. Genre fans can choose from a wide range of survival and prepping shows, most of which are freely available on the internet.

Finding a solid selection of prepping materials is, however, potentially challenging, as YouTube usually features established channels, without promoting new channels until they have already acquired a certain follower base.

TEOTWAWKI Channel offers a wide selection of survival and prepping shows and vlogs, while also allowing its users to post their own shows and create their personal survival channels.

The website includes content on topics such as health and nutrition, prepping and survival news and shows, and it features new content directly on the home page.

The health and nutrition section features videos on a variety of topics, including different types of sustainable diets, cooking shows, outdoor foraging and more.

The prepping and survival section features video material on a variety of topics, such as the best clothing material for different types of weather, suggestions on hunting and fishing, as well as discussions on the best survival procedures in different types of extreme situations.

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