Survival Skills Hurricane Disaster Home Safety Family Protection Guide Launched

How To Do Survival, a survival guide book, has been launched. This guide book shows the reader how to secure their home and important survival skills in the face of major disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and riots.

A new guide book focusing on survival has been launched. How To Do Survival shows everyday people how to stay safe and stay alive during the event of a disaster such as hurricanes, tornados and rioting.

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How To Do Survival is a comprehensive guide book that shows people how to survive and protect their families should disaster strike. The author explains living in dangerous times and all over the world disasters, natural and man made, occur every day. While he hasn’t experienced a disaster in his life, is very aware of the importance of being prepared.

This guide shows the reader how to make their home ultra secured and prepared for almost everything from hurricanes to tornados. The guide also shows its readers how to identify the most important things their families will need if trouble arises and teaches them how to get organized properly if a major disaster should happen.

It is explained that being prepared in advance can be the difference between being helpless and being in a strong survival position. Outdoor survival skills are also imperative in a disaster situation as in some scenarios, people may not have access to their homes. In that case they would need the knowledge of how to find or create a safe warm shelter in the cases of adverse weather.

Other bushcraft survival skills are vital to survival. Making fire and finding safe drinking water are at the top of any survivalist’s list and being able to secure these is half the survival battle. Another important survival technique is being able to identify safe sustenance for the reader of this guide and their families. Being able to identify edible fruits, nuts, roots and leaves is an important survival skill, as are other forms of obtaining food including fishing and trapping.

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