Survival Prep Bracelet Paracord Prepper Gear Tactical Survival Card Launched

SHTF Prepper Gear, an Ottawa survival equipment company, launched a variety of survival and prepper gear. The company offers paracord survival bracelets, tactical multi-function cards, folding knives and fire starters. All products come free of charge for the first 500 customers.

SHTF Prepper Gear, an Ottawa company specializing in survival equipment, launched a wide range of survival gear, including paracord survival bracelets, tactical cards, survival folding knives, and emergency fire starters.

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Though commonly thought of as largely unnecessary in most urban environments, emergency and survival gear includes a variety of products that could not only be life-saving in critical situations, but that could also provide helpful in day-to-day household activities.

Survival gear traditionally includes a number of items that provide immediate help in cases of emergency, such as isolation from inhabited places, loss of communication, prolonged power outages and more. Fire starters, compasses, survival bracelets and tactical knives are essential in such cases, as they can help the stranded call for help, prepare basic food and keep warm.

Such items are especially necessary for those whose jobs require plenty of outdoor activity, such as rangers, foresters, wood cutters, and explorers.

SHTF Prepper gear launched a collection of survival gear designed to provide immediate help in cases of emergency. The collection includes paracord survival bracelets, tactical survival cards and knives, and emergency fire starters.

The survival bracelet allows the user to call for help with the help of the embedded whistle, and it features a small knife, a fire starter, and 10 feet of paracord rope. The bracelet is designed as a portable all-in-one solution for immediate assistance in case of emergency.

The tactical survival card features eleven functions, such as can and bottle opener, screwdriver, screw wrench, knife edge and more. The credit card-sized survival tool can be easily carried in the wallet, and it can be useful in a variety of day-to-day situations.

The company also offers folding knives and emergency fire starters. All SHTF prepper gear products are free for the first 500 buyers.

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