Survival Hacks Splinter Removal Preserved Eggs Knots Report Launched

An online survival and modern sustainable living expert, Modern Survival Living, has launched a new report. This report focuses on the lost survival knowledge from a 100 years ago that modern advances have made people forget.

Modern Survival Living, an online survival expert, has launched a new report in to forgotten survival tips. Modern Survival Living is a website that focuses on modern day survival living and covers the subjects of health, sustainability and DIY among many others.

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The latest report in the survival section of the website id about the ten survival tips that are over a hundred years old and have been forgotten in the modern world. The site explains that today people have electricity, running water and the emergency services at their finger tips, but not so 100 years ago.

Before the invention of today’s time and effort saving devices, people had to rely on their knowledge and this was probably passed down to them through their family. From preserving foods to extracting splinters, this report covers a variety of ways that not so distant relatives would have dealt with these everyday issues.

The first tip on the list is about preserving eggs. Eggs would have been a vital source of nourishment to human ancestors and they would have wanted to preserve them for as long as they could. This was, and can still, be achieved by storing them buried in salt. This can ensure fresh eggs for up to a year.

Another high light from the list of forgotten survival techniques is how to tie knots. The report states that the three vital knots to know are the fisherman’s knot, the timber hitch and the clove hitch as these can been used in almost any situation, especially survival ones.

The final tip is on how to extract a splinter the old fashioned way. If a person obtains a splinter to the hand or foot they can easily ease it out by placing a glass jar filled nearly to the top with hot water over the affected area. By twisting the jar to create suction, the splinter should pop out.

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