Survival Emergency Preparedness Checklist Protection Guide Toolkit Launched

Survivalists and emergency preparedness are at the forefront of a new survival bundle that has been launched. The kit helps people to train and be ready for when the worst happens, so they can protect themselves and their family.

A new survival kit has been launched, helping to give people the equipment and knowledge they need to stay safe in the event of the worst happening. The bundle includes a credit card protective device that fits in a wallet, and a survival skills book that can help people to prepare for disasters of any variety.

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The survival card shaped tool is ultra slim, the size of a credit card and only two millimeters thick. It has a snap open, waterproof locking mechanism that makes it easy to store and use in times of need.

The clever tool is invaluable, and can be used in emergency situations and in times of need while out in the wild. 

Through reading the survival skills handbook also provided with the bundle, customers can get access to key insights, tips and tricks that can mean the difference between surviving or not in the event of a natural or manmade disaster. 

It’s crucial to plan for future events, whether the customer is simply going camping or will be working in a dangerous environment. Disasters can strike when least expected, whether in the form of hurricanes or tornadoes, or a terrorist incident.

In these circumstances, being prepared and well trained can help to ensure that the customer, their friends and their family stay safe. 

The survival toolkit covers a wide range of topics, including how to protect loved ones in emergency situations or when disaster strikes. 

In the event of being stranded by bad weather or unfortunate events, it can be highly important to be able to create a shelter, make a fire, and look out for poisonous plants and dangerous animals. 

The book is available for free when signing up to the survival toolkit bundle, so that more people can benefit from being prepared.

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