Survey Reveals Millennials And Baby Boomers Are Fueling The Home Renovation Boom

Home projects and renovations are on the rise throughout the United States, and are being fueled by both the Baby Boom and Millennial generations. Blumer & Stanton provides their new Cut Crown Moulding to homeowners looking to complete a room makeover.

Los Angeles, California – July 5, 2017

All over the country, home projects and renovations are on the rise as Millennials are becoming homeowners for the first time. First time Millennial homebuyers along with Baby Boomers are the driving force behind the country’s booming home renovation industry.

Millennials that renovated their homes spent an average of $26,200 in 2016 on upgrading their homes, according to a recent survey by the Houzz & Home Survey. Baby Boomers easily outspent Millennials in 2016 by nearly three times as much.

Blumer & Stanton, a Florida based company that specializes in residential and commercial architectural woodwork, recently announced the expansion of their business to Amazon. The company offers online buyers their creative wood cut crown molding used to make ceilings feel higher, which is a popular home renovation project these days.

A company spokesperson for Blumer & Stanton said, “Our Cut Crown Moulding can help to complete a room makeover. Made from poplar wood, our Cut Crown Moulding is perfect for a paint finish that will finish off the transition from wall to celling with a decorative touch, and can increase the value of a home.”

The new wall to ceiling crown molding by Blumer & Stanton is easy to handle and install, and comes ready to be painted to achieve the desired finish a homeowner is looking for. It features a large crown profile suitable for installation alone or with other pieces as part of a combination moulding. The mid-section relief provides a defined, stepped transition between the cove at the bottom and the subtle S-curve at the top. “Our Cut Crown Moulding creates the appearance of a multi-piece combination moulding due to this prominent break between its features,” added the Blumer & Stanton spokesperson.

The rise of home projects and renovations are expected remain strong throughout 2017, as Millennials are projected to spend 4 percent more than they did on 2016. For some time now, Baby Boomers have long influenced home design. Like the Millennial generation, Baby Boomers have specific needs to accommodate their families, and commonly add crown moulding as a design feature to their bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, and dining rooms.

Urban areas, the East Coast, and West Coast are seeing a noticeable effect of the recent home renovation boom. Home improvement projects and renovations continue to be on the top of the list for millions of Americans from both the Millennial and Baby Boomer generations. People who are interested in knowing more about Blumer & Stanton or their products can visit their website or Amazon.

About Blumer & Stanton, Inc:

Blumer & Stanton Enterprises is located in West Palm Beach, Florida, and was established in 1946. Blumer & Stanton primarily operates in the Millwork business, making quality custom woodwork. For over 71 years, the company has had the privilege of serving South Florida’s distinguished and quality-conscious builders with custom architectural woodwork, entryways, cabinets, columns, doors, shutters, and wood moulding profiles – from elegant upscale residences to high-end commercial projects.

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