Survey Reveals Consumers Prefer Products That Are Made In America

Americans have a renewed interest in purchasing goods that have a “Made in America” label. Blumer & Stanton’s Wood Bar Rail Moulding is Made in the USA in West Palm Beach, Florida, and is an ideal finish to a custom bar.

Los Angeles, California – September 12, 2017

In an effort to help the American economy, more consumers are seeking after products that have a “Made in America” label on the goods they buy. As the consumer’s preference for Made in America products continues to grow, many consumers believe that American made products are better in quality, and have higher safety standards than products that are made overseas.

In a recent survey conducted by American Certified, 1,500 participants were asked, “Other than price and quality, what factor is most important to you when purchasing a product?” 51.9% of the 1,500 participants said they prefer products that are “Made in the USA.” 17% of the participants said they prefer products to be “Locally-made.” Key factors driving this are that Americans realize that labor costs are rising overseas in places such as China, and that Americans have a stronger desire to help the American economy and worker.

Blumer & Stanton, a company specializing in residential and commercial architectural millwork, offers homeowners their Wood Bar Rails on Amazon. Blumer & Stanton’s bar rails are Made in America, gives the edge of a bar a nice finished look, and adds warmth to a room that is only achieved by using real wood. It features a Chicago style which provides a comfortable place for people to rest their arms when sitting at the bar, and prevents dishes or glasses from being slid off the edge of the bar. A company spokesperson for Blumer & Stanton adds, “One of our most popular items, our Wood Bar Rail Moulding is ideal for the bar top in restaurants, pubs, DIY home bars, and dens. Milled from Maple wood, it’s perfect for a stain or a paint finish and is recommended for indoor applications. Our Wood Bar Rail Moulding is pre-notched to fit perfectly over your ¾” bar top and ¾” sub surface, which is a construction technique preferred by professional carpenters for a more stable and sturdy bar.”

Furthermore, Google trends also point to the fact that people are seeking American-made products online. Searches for “Made in USA” and “Made in America” have climbed in recent years, indicating that consumers would prefer to purchase an American product over an identical imported one.

Blumer & Stanton offers Amazon customers a full satisfaction guarantee, and will replace a damaged product as long as the material has not been altered in any way. People who are interested in knowing more about the company or their products can visit their website or Amazon.

About Blumer & Stanton, Inc:

Blumer & Stanton Enterprises is located in West Palm Beach, Florida, and was established in 1946. Blumer & Stanton primarily operates in the Millwork business, making quality custom woodwork. For over 71 years, the company has had the privilege of serving South Florida’s distinguished and quality-conscious builders with custom architectural woodwork, entryways, cabinets, columns, doors, shutters, and wood moulding profiles – from elegant upscale residences to high-end commercial projects. For decades, Blumer & Stanton has been widely recognized as an innovative and leading manufacturer of bar rail mouldings.

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