Surrogacy in Los Angeles: Single Embryo X-fer Surrogacy Process Best, Per Study

Surrogacy in Los Angeles just got big news. Researchers have discovered that a single embryo transfer is just as effective as transferring multiple embryos. Begin the surrogacy process by calling (807) 387-9004 or visiting today.

Surrogacy in Los Angeles is now a lot less complex, thanks to researchers that published their work in the international publication Fertility and Sterility earlier this month. One of the greatest debates about the surrogacy process has historically been how many embryos to transfer during IVF. The new information suggests that transferring a single embryo is best and intended parents can do so without reducing their odds of having a viable pregnancy.

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IVF clinics must report certain statistics back to the government, enabling the tracking of all sorts of things, including the age of the gestational carrier, how many embryos were transferred, how many became viable, and how many babies resulted. The researchers pulled the data from more than 450 IVF clinics from across the United States for 2013 and discovered that the pregnancy rate did not drop when a single embryo was transferred to a woman who was younger than 38 years old.

Despite the fact that the pregnancy rate did not decline, instances of multiples did. Generally speaking, multiple births only occur in about 3.5-percent of all pregnancies in America. When IVF is involved, the rate of twins skyrockets to about 30-percent and multiples are involved in about 40-percent of all IVF-related pregnancies. Although some of the pregnancies that occurred from a single embryo transfer did result in twins, the rate was on par with the general population, as a single embryo always has the potential to divide into identical twins.

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This is an important development, as choosing the ideal number of embryos has always been a major concern for intended parents, surrogates, and physicians. It’s well understood that carrying a singleton to term is much healthier and safer than carrying multiples. When twins or more are carried, risks increase for the gestational carrier and the babies. Aside from selective reduction, which also comes with risks and moral implications, it was once believed that the only choice was to go with one for safety or multiple embryos to increase the odds of having a viable pregnancy. With the new information, this is a decision that doesn’t have to be made. Intended parents can opt for single embryo transfer with confidence that they aren’t reducing their odds.

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