Surrey BC Nonbank Mortgage Broker – Alternative Lender Private Solution Launched

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Surrey, BC-based mortgage broker Freedom Capital has launched unique alternative financing solutions to help borrowers who have been rejected by traditional banks get the funding they need.

Freedom Capital, a brokerage firm based in Surrey, Canada, has launched a series of mortgage solutions to help borrowers that have been rejected by traditional banks. Its brokers can help clients restore their credit and obtain funding from different lenders.

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By launching unique mortgage solutions that partner borrowers with Co-ops, credit unions, investment firms, and private lenders, Freedom Capital can help people whose mortgage applications are typically rejected. The company can help people with poor credit histories obtain the funding they need.

The mortgage brokers at Freedom Capital help their clients understand why one of the big five Canadian banks refused their mortgage request, and then outline alternative financing options. They can save borrowers time and paperwork by connecting them directly with smaller banks, different types of financial institutions, and private lenders.

Unlike top-tier banks that only offer their own products, alternative lenders can offer flexible loan terms. Private lenders typically close deals faster and have fewer application conditions. They often care more about the appropriate loan-to-value ratio, and may overlook a low credit score or poor debt-to-income ratio.

Freedom Capital bases its mortgages on equity rather than income or credit scores. Its financial experts create custom-tailored financing solutions that suit each borrower’s needs. They offer progressive mortgages with easy to understand underwriting. Some options include equity takeout mortgages, second mortgages, self-employed mortgages, and blended monthly payments.

Freedom Capital has been providing diverse lending solutions since 2010, and it is one of Canada’s largest national brokerages dedicated to the alternative and commercial mortgage market. Its team of specialists have a combined experience of over 35 years in the mortgage lending industry, and customers across the country trust their expertise.

A satisfied client said, “I am amazed at the level of expertise Freedom can provide. They have creative solutions that solve the impossible. I would highly recommend them for any real estate purchase or refinance. I am already preparing another deal to send to them. They are simply the best.”

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