Surprise AZ Depression/Bipolar Disorder Therapy – Mental Health Recovery Launch

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery (855-657-0253), a mental health facility with locations in Surprise, Arizona, announces enhanced long-term treatment options for clients with mental health concerns.

Announcing openings at Emerald Isle Health & Recovery for their prestigious, luxury grade treatment facility for clients with bipolar, depression or a dual diagnosis (in other words, a mental health condition combined with an addiction).

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The launch coincides with the continued rise in mental illnesses across the United States. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), over 51 million American adults are living with a mental health condition.

Within this vast number, there are an estimated 13.1 adults living with a serious mental illness. These are disorders that result in serious functional impairment, and substantially interfere with participation in, and the quality of, daily life.

Moreover, sadly, NIMH’s research suggests that less than 50% of people with a mental illness are currently receiving treatment.

Understanding that the level of care for people with mental health conditions remains inadequate, with many sufferers falling through the cracks of the public system, Emerald Isle Health & Recovery is proud to offer a more compassionate and impactful option.

The treatment methods implemented at their facility are backed by the latest in clinical and medical research. All clients will benefit from a personalized synthesis of cognitive-behavioral therapy, individual psychotherapy, group therapy, and family therapy.

Additionally, exercise, mindfulness, and stress management classes, including yoga and meditation, will be integrated into a patient’s schedule for a more holistic and wellness-centered approach. More treatment strategies and facilities information can be accessed at

Although Emerald Isle Health & Recovery prides itself on its facilities, and the all-encompassing treatments and therapies it offers its live-in patients, the clinic has a view towards long-term mental health and wellness. Therefore, they also offer partial hospitalization.

This transitional program supports clients as they make the challenging move from inpatient residential care back to more traditional living arrangements, and has been proven to prevent backslides and relapses.

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery is a fully licensed and endorsed mental health and addiction care facility. They are equipped to treat every mental health condition and their mission is to serve as a place of hope, healing, and education.

A spokesperson for the treatment center said, “Our innovative approach to individualized evidence-based treatment focuses on whole-person aspects of care by meeting the person where they are. Through comprehensive clinical and medical care, we achieve long-term sustainable recovery for individuals and their families.”

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