Surin Mindful Mastery Wisdom Manifestation Group Launch Journey to Abundance App

Centered on the Law of Attraction, the recently launched Journey to Abundance app by Mindful Mastery, a wisdom development group based in Thailand, is a unique system that focused on four principles. As such, these lead to abundance.

Surin, Thailand-based, Mindful Mastery, a group that focuses on the development of wisdom, has released a Journey to Abundance App. Based on the methods Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins and other gurus, the app helps users to track their goals, increase their vibrational frequency, and conduct a personal assessment. Journals and meditation are also available in this fully interactive application, which centers on knowledge, experience, passion and practice, which equate to abundance.

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Recently launched, the Journey to Abundance app, based on the Law of Attraction, has four principles – knowledge, experience, passion and practice. These four factors lead to abundance and interconnect.

By understanding the Law of Attraction, users of the Journey to Abundance app increase their knowledge. As a result, spending time studying and continually learning increases their vibrational frequency, and in the process, they understand themselves better. Then by turning this knowledge into actions, a space for motivation emerges, along with an increased level of experience.

With heightened experience comes passion. The Journey to Abundance app shows that passion develops positive habits needed to excel, which further increases an individual’s vibrational frequency. Lastly, combining passion with experience and knowledge and putting this into practice, the mind removes negative thoughts and replaces them with positive intentions, thoughts and action. Consequently, practice makes perfect and ultimately leads to abundance in life.

All the tools – goal tracker, vibration checker, personal assessment, journals and meditation center – supplied with the Journey to Abundance app are interactive. Overall, the system reminds a user to check-in and convert their negative energy into positive.

When asked about the app, the founder and developer Todd said, “I am so excited to bring this software to the world, and I feel privileged to be a part of the journey. It has been great for me to develop this tool and I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.”

To find out more about Mindful Mastery and their Journey to Abundance App, visit the link above.

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