Surfer Dudes to be presenting sponsor for 2019 ESA season.

Surfer Dudes the Worlds first and only Surf Boomerang announcing once again they will be the presenting sponsor for all of ESA’s championship events throughout 2019.

Surfer Dudes is pleased to announce they will, once again be the presenting sponsor for all of ESA’s championship events for 2019. With Surfer Dudes on the beach, competitors and their family members can enjoy a fun, interactive experience.

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ESA is the largest amateur surfing association in the world, known for its family oriented programs that promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

The organization is dedicated to the sport of amateur surfing, and provides exciting competitions for surfers of all ages and abilities.

Surfer Dudes are designed for ages 6+ and are the World’s first and only! surf boomerang completely powered by waves, no batteries needed, Surfer Dudes perform just like surfing in the waves.

Surfer Dudes come in six styles: “Aussie” Alice, “Bali” Bobbi, “Costa Rica” Rick, “Donegan” Doolin, “Hossegor” Hank and “Sumatra” Sam, each of which has their own existing backstay.

Aussie Alice is totally fearless, and thrives on adventure. Grew up Australia. Totally fearless, thrives on adventure! Tore up waves at Shipstern Bluff and Cyclops at just 14 years old! Left Australia age 17 to search for the world’s most perfect wave

Hossegor Hank grew up in France, and is now surfing the world; Worst wipeout was at Les Cavaliers in Anglet—“I was just glad to survive!”Thrives on heavy waves.

Sumatra Sam was born in Sumatra, loved watching surfers rip it up at Paradise South Sumatra Surf Camp as a young grommet; he later became the Big Wave Guru of Bangkulu at Pantai Panjang in his early teenage years.

Costa Rica was Born in Oahu, moved to Maui age 5. Grew up surfing Hanalei Bay. Family moved to Costa Rica when he was 12. Says he grew up in the world’s best place to surf. Always amazed at the number of surfers that make their way to Costa Rica; Rick rarely leaves—“everyone comes to visit!”

Bios and fun facts for each can be found at

Each character can be brought to life by unleashing them in the water, where they ride the waves, perform tricks just like surfers and bring great enjoyment to any day at the beach.

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