Supplement information websites bolstered by recent research

LAS VEGAS – With recent research by the Lewin Group showing a connection between dietary supplements and improved health, the importance of informational websites like is strengthened.

A national health care and human services consulting firm, the Lewin Group has provided objective analyses and strategic counsel to public agencies, nonprofits, industry associations and private companies for almost 40 years.

Its recent findings show that by Americans using natural dietary supplements, the U.S. public health expenditure can be reduced by $24 billion over five years. The Lewin Group has since recommended that the government encourage people to look after their own health.

While dietary supplements are reputed to be either hit or miss based on potency, ingredients or effectiveness, informational websites who review health products, like, remove a lot of the guess work for consumers.

A significant finding in the Lewin group study was that 92 percent of Americans are at increased risk for chronic illness simply by lacking the daily recommended amount of most nutrients, therefore suffering from malnutrition.

Some health practitioners believe one of the root causes of chronic illness is what is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome. A leaky gut, or intestinal permeability, is caused by poor diet and unbalanced digestive bacteria, among other things, which when left untreated is said to bring about allergies and eventually disease.

Optimal digestive health is required for the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. It also strongly affects the integrity of the immune system. While a balanced diet is essential, digestive aids such as probiotics or digestive enzymes can also help promote a healthy gut.

The Lewin Group study focused on the benefits of certain vitamins and minerals on health, however experts say secondary effects like improved cognitive functions should not be ignored. While supplements are proven to help overall health, they can also be considered brain boosters since improved mental acuity goes hand in hand with improved health.

Without doing extensive research or spending a lot of money on trial and error, it is often difficult for consumers to sift through supplements to find the one that is right for their needs.

Because of this, provides thorough reviews to show consumers exactly what a supplement contains, what it does and who should use it.

Positive and negative feedback from others who have used the supplement also is given so readers can get a true sense of what the product is like. Ultimately, the review states whether or not the supplement is recommended and why.

About finds popular supplements, analyzes them thoroughly and gives a recommendation on whether the item is worth trying. Its reviews cover a wide range of products, including those for fat loss and energy, fish oils, multivitamins and protein shakes.

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