Superior TV & Satellite Announces Antenna Installation in Orem & Vineyard Utah

Superior TV has recently expanded service by offering rooftop TV antenna installation for Utah and Salt Lake valley customers as new internet streaming services expand and interest consumer interest has increased.

Superior TV is announcing a new service of installing home antennas for access to digital TV signals. With the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, many customers have considered canceling their cable service, but then discover there are shows they no longer have access to.

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The Utah and Salt Lake Counties both have about 10 channels of TV that can be picked up via antenna, but a roof-installed antenna is best. As cable has become less popular, requests for roof antenna installation have increased recently, and Superior is happy to provide this as a new service.

Superior TV is also a dealer for DirecTV and Dish Network. Streaming services are rising in popularity, but offerings of live Sports are extremely limited as yet. Sports fans may be satisfied with a TV antenna installation, as local and national sports are still aired on major networks several times a week. International sports usually require a satellite or cable TV subscription. In addition, licensing agreements often prevent internet streaming services from airing shows on days they premier. A TV antenna is an affordable option for those looking for local news, networks and sports channels.

“Basically 90% of the Utah and Salt Lake County areas still get free TV over the air, with major networks like ABC, CBS, and Fox. An antenna installation makes this free content available without a monthly subscription,” says Rick, the owner of Superior TV. He remarked that this can be particularly important to sports fans.

Superior TV is a family owned business. It has been serving the Utah and Salt Lake Valleys for over 50 years, and provides TV repair services, antenna sales and installation, and of course, Dish Network and DirecTV subscriptions. Customers can contact Superior TV by phone at (801) 226-3081, or drop by their location at 754 N State Street, Orem, Utah.

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