Superior CO Sports Chiropractic Injury & Back Pain Services Announced

A leading Colorado based chiropractor and back pain treatment doctor has announced he can help patients throughout Boulder and Superior. Boulder Back Pain Clinic offers fast, effective pain relief and holistic treatments.

A leading back pain clinic offering professional chiropractic services has announced it can treat patients throughout Boulder and Superior, in Colorado. The chiropractic specialist offers a range of solutions for anyone suffering from chronic back pain, or those who have been involved in an accident or injury affecting the spine or body.

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Dr Marc Cahn, with the Boulder Back Pain Clinic, offers expert services and techniques for the treatment of back and neck pain. This can be hugely beneficial for anyone going through accident rehabilitation, sports injuries, and a majority of other musculoskeletal conditions.

The practice website explains that, in addition to professional chiropractic care and biomedical acupuncture, Dr Cahn can provide nutritional counseling, physical therapy, exercise instruction and more. These services are all geared towards helping people get back to peak fitness and health faster.

Boulder Back Pain Clinic offers a holistic approach to healthcare and wellness through its chiropractic healing services. Through exercises, adjustments, and a healthy diet, it can help to activate the self healing properties of the body.

Depending on the type of pain experienced and the root caused, chiropractic care can offer fast, effective pain relied. Sometimes, it may take multiple sessions to achieve the desired result.

It is a sought after and highly beneficial form of treatment because it treats the root cause of the problem. Many other forms of pain management today only treat the symptoms, and therefore aren’t as effective.

The Boulder practice states: “As a Boulder Chiropractor, Dr. Cahn’s ultimate goal is to restore your health and help you achieve a pain-free, active lifestyle as quickly as possible.”

“At Boulder Back Pain Clinic, we will not encourage long-term treatment and expect you to achieve rapid results. If Dr. Cahn and his team can’t get you better, we will make other suggestions or refer you for alternative treatments.”

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