SUPER SNEAKY eliminates the need for any other low headroom installation product

SUPER SNEAKY CONTRACT DIVISION has released its low overhead garage door hinges that provide Dealers New access to profitable low overhead business without the need for special installer training, or troublesome double-track installations and ongoing maintenance, at an attractive price.

SUPER SNEAKY CONTRACT DIVISION, the North American manufacturer of SUPER SNEAKY installation products, has today made available their new product explainer video for Garage Door Dealers. In it, they explain how Dealers obtain new access to profitable low overhead business without the need for special installer training or troublesome double-track installations and ongoing maintenance… at an attractive price.

Find their new video here.

Dealers will want their customers to know that:

– SUPER SNEAKY has a 100% money-back guarantee to work effectively in only 6-inch overhead (but has been reported installed in even smaller overheads)

– SUPER SNEAKY garage door hinges provide access to low overhead installations without the need for additional training or specialized personnel.

– There is no need to provide maintenance or adjustments to these installations because SUPER SNEAKY hinges are stronger than the average hinge and include mount and reinforcement plates to avoid door warping.

– The hinges work with any “J” bar type electric operator or manual installation, are safer than their competitor’s products and will revitalize malfunctioning double track systems by simply installing hinges on the existing top track.

Dealers and Installers can obtain a FREE pair of hinges, with or without a tab, to try out the product. Simply go to this page and order one.

Tim Barlett, SUPER SNEAKY CONTRACT DIVISION’s Owner is quoted saying: “We like making occasional courtesy calls to our customers to see what more we can do for them, to offer Volume discounts and free Map listings on our website”.

With this innovative low-overhead hinging system, Dealers can now offer a more affordable option for Installation companies who want to stay competitive with the latest technology in the market. They’re designed for very fast installation on residential homes as well as commercial buildings.

All of these features make it perfect for Dealers or Installers who are looking for an easier way to install their low overhead doors. This product will save them time on installation, give them more energy throughout the day because they’re reusing existing systems and save them money by not having to worry about maintenance costs!

For more details and further information about SUPER SNEAKY CONTRACT DIVISION, discover their Website here.

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