Super Smart Deals Announces A Profitable Second Year of Business

Super Smart Deals, the comprehensive comparison web portal offering attractive deals and effective discounts on digital and electronic products listed on various web stores across the digital space, is making waves in the second year of operations. Here's an insight!

Just when the nation soaks in the big hit rendered by demonetisation, Super Smart Deals continues to be at the forefront of web business, with its super smart discounts, offer, and coupons. With the products range on display that comprises of mobiles, cameras, laptops, televisions, washing machines, and air conditioners, the website is garnering a whopping number of 2 million views every month, despite the fall in the season, due to demonetisation.

As Super Smart Deals enters the second year of its operations, it pronounces itself to be the one of the most effective websites, offering great value for money to its visitors and super enriched shopping experience.

When spoken to Director, Mateen Kapadia, he seemed quite upbeat about the upcoming business as he acknowledged the extensive use of e-money and online payments coming into the system, as a positive effect of demonetisation, hence, the online purchases, seeing an up-graph. As quoted by him, “Demonetization is going to give a big boost to online e-Commerce in the coming months. As you see, we help our customers save big by bringing the latest offers from across all reliable online web stores. We ensure that the shopping stores listed on our website are reliable and have a good track record. With our tie-ups with the leading online stores like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and other 50 such popular e-stores in India, we have proved to be one of the most extensive price comparison websites, wherein users can compare prices from various online e-Commerce web stores and make sensible purchases, without shelling out cash and making easy online payments, even in the most dry season post demonetisation. We continue to work for the user and get their feedback to renovate ourselves for a better user experience.”

When there is no dearth of online offers and deals serving thousands of clients every day, Super Smart Deals is bringing in the edge with its clean, no-clutter, easy to browse user interface which helps the visitors to click on the best deals available, without wasting their precious time in locating the products.

Moreover, this comparison engine also provides an efficient personal assistance to help the users find the right deal from their favourite store, delivering a personalised shopping experience.

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