Super Affiliate Machine – Review of Its Hidden Feature And Premature Closing Date Announcement - reviews a surprising feature of Devin Zander’s Super Affiliate Machine software which is now set to close on January 28th, 2015.

Devin Zander and Austin Anthony who are the developers of the Super Affiliate Machine (SAM software) just announced that they are closingpublic access to their latest release on January 28th, 2015. AfterSAM’s record breaking 2,000 plus sales in the first week they are making thismove to avoid market saturation for its core members.

“Although their niche website generating software was widelyanticipated before its  release it has now been fully embraced by the IMcommunity and has subsequently shot to the #1 position on JV Zoo’s charts”,  reports Paul Preston of who has written a fullreview on this website.

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Preston adds, “SAM was initially marketed as an all in onesolution to build niche websites automatically and this in itself was animpressive feature. But what really caughta lot of people off guard is its intuitive ability to find low competition keywordsthat can be ranked easily while determining in advance if any given nichemarket is viable.”

“With the plethora of keyword research software on themarket what most are lacking is the ability to find keywords that have littleor no competition. I have seen this first hand countless times, unfortunately folks pick the wrongkeywords to target, spend a lot of time and money in an effort to rank them onthe search engines then endup getting frustrated or leaving the business altogether. While others that pickthe right keywords, gain momentum and start generating revenue and never lookback.”

SAM has simplified the art of keyword selection which isreally the foundation for any winning campaign. Users can simply type in their root keyword into the main interface andthe software’s proprietary algorithm analyses what keywords within that nicheare worth building a website around. In addition the keywords it uncovers in mostcases does not require any sort of backlinking to rank them.

“This surprise feature is what separates SAM from its competitors,”says Preston. This makes it much easier for the average person who does nothave technical experience or special skills to dive right in and start witha winning campaign from the beginning”.

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