Sunspeed Transport Services Ltd Reveals Case Study On Successful Data Relocation

Sunspeed Transport Services Ltd has published a new case study on IT Relocation, revealing surprising data on how business owners solved the problem of relocating approximately 1,500 devices.

Data Center Relocation company, Sunspeed Transport Services Ltd, has published surprising new data in their latest case study on IT Relocation with Deutsche Bank. Designed specifically for business owners, this case study provides a real-world look at the challenges facing business owners in relocating approximately 1,500 devices and how those challenges can be overcome.

Interested parties can download the case study on the company website:

The IT Relocation case study contains credible sources that provide reliable information that can be used to make important business decisions. This concrete example of success documents the steps taken by Sunspeed Transport Services Ltd to find an effective solution for relocating approximately 1,500 devices.

Among the information included:

Data relocation – How the company was able to provide the relocation in a way that was seamless for the Bank’s business. A number of variables had to be considered, including time differences, financial platforms, market operations, and so on.

1,500 device relocation – The Bank had a requirement to relocate approximately 1,500 devices from a single data centre to a set of new data centres as part of a global IT consolidation project named Compute Landscape Optimisation (CLO). It needed all devices moved, within a set window of opportunity, safely and securely to the new location in conjunction with standby coverage in case of network or hardware failure.

De-rack and re-rack equipment – Sunspeed worked with the Deutsche Bank ITF team to de-rack and re-rack the equipment across all sites as planned. All equipment was packed in anti-static flight cases, moved according to routine standards of security and safety, and re-installed in the appropriate racks.

Neville Christian, Sales Director of Sunspeed Transport Services Ltd said,

“As a result of the coordination between Sunspeed and itself, the Bank is now enjoying the benefits of its two new data centres. Its worldwide clients continue to have access to first-class financial services and the detailed customer service Deutsche Bank is known for. Sunspeed continue to have a strong relationship with the Bank and look forward to assisting them on similar projects in the future.”

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