Sunshine Coast Sport Fishing Charters Reef Light And Heavy Tackle Tours Launched

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Kaizen Sport Fishing Charters has launched sport fishing and reef fishing charters in the Sunshine Coast for beginners and experienced anglers looking for a memorable fishing expedition.

Kaizen Sport Fishing Charters has launched a range of sport fishing activities along the Sunshine Coast for both beginners and seasoned anglers. Customers can choose a half-day or full-day fishing trip for a safe and affordable fishing expedition of a lifetime.

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The reef and sports fishing charters that have been launched are designed to give customers an introduction to offshore fishing. They will also be given the time and flexibility to try different strategies to land their prize catch. Each customer will be accompanied by experienced skipper Russell Caporn who will bring his knowledge and experience to the fishing expedition.

The customer can choose from record fishing, reef fishing, heavy and light tackle game fishing, sports fishing and reef and island cruising. Some of the commonly caught fish across the chartered locations are blue, black and striped marlin, mackerel, snapper, dolphin fish, tuna, cobia and sail fish.

The company conducts half-day expeditions for beginners who want an introduction to sport fishing, giving them enough time to help them make their first catch. The full-day option is better suited for those who want to find their prize catch at leisure, adopting different techniques.

Veteran skipper Russel Caporn explains that the Sunshine Coast is a popular fishing destination because the tropical waters attract a diversity of fish like marlin and tuna.

Customers will be taken aboard the Kaizen52 which is one of the larger fishing charter boats on the Sunshine Coast. The charter boat is available for full day trips or half day expeditions, overnight and extended fishing trips, calm water fishing trips, film and movie shoots as well as for other commercial use.

Capron says: “Big-game fishing is an exciting activity that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of skill level. Whether you want to fish for half-day or experience a full day of action-packed ‘fighting’, we are ready to make your fishing charter one of the most memorable experiences in your life.”

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