Sun & Sands Sports Mirdiff Gets Dynamo LED’s Curved Screens

Dynamo LED displays Dubai are the market leaders in LED Video displays and LED signs. Their main objective is to provide the very best quality for the most competitive prices.

The Sun & Sands Sports store in Mirdiff City Centre has been upgraded with a new A/V setup in line with the company’s other outlets. This project once again fell to Dubai-based systems integrator, Omnix, and provided the opportunity for a first installation of Dynamo LED ’s curved screens.

‘This is because it’s the first proper curved LED screen in Dubai, not just using cabinets that are angled to make a curve but the panels themselves bend every 250mm thus creating an in-depth and immersive experience,’ said Omnix special projects manager, Adrian Goulder. ‘It draws customers in from outside and is a real visual delight for shoppers in store to showcase the latest products, and also live stream events in store and sports games such as football and basketball.’

The screen itself is a 3.9mm pixel pitch LED display with a 7.5mm curve every 250mm. Mr Goulder recalled that when he designed the store he asked himself how could they stick to the same design, keeping in line with the SSS 2.0 look, but give it a fresh feel that pushes what is physically possible and also knock down the four walls of the few screens that people normally see in a retail environment. It was a mind-set that drove him personally. He believes it is a strong backbone for Omnix and a key reason why they are so successful and people keep coming back to them.

Alongside the Dynamo screen, Omnix also installed JBL speakers for the store-wide BGM while the football trial zone has Meyer Sound loudspeakers and Christie projection. The main challenge for the integrator was the timescale for the project.

With the store now open and trading again, the special projects manager reflects on a successful project for the integrator. He stated that he was ecstatic with the results. People from all over the A/V industry and retail are amazed at the design and build of the store. It’s not just “flashy”, it’s a sales tool and one that works brilliantly.

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