Sun City AZ Audiologist Fights Effects Of Social Isolation Enhanced By COVID-19

Sun City, Arizona, hearing and balance center Moore Audiology recently updated its range of hearing loss diagnosis and treatment solutions for patients struggling with untreated hearing loss during the current pandemic.

Moore Audiology, an Audiology clinic in Sun City, Arizona, announced new efforts to fight the effects of social isolation that has been enhanced during the quarantine. Hearing loss creates isolation from others and with social distancing in place, those already living in isolation due to hearing loss have been further effected. In an effort to reconnect relationships and eradicate social isolation, Moore Audiology has launched a newer range of hearing loss diagnosis and treatment solutions. The audiology and hearing center can help those living with untreated hearing loss during to no longer live in isolation and allow them to reconnect with the ones they love.

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Hearing loss affects over 40 million Americans, and the current global health crisis has further isolated those that live with untreated hearing loss from their family, friends, social situations and conversations. The newly launched efforts of Moore Audiology aim to help patients struggling to understand speech, living with the effects of Tinnitus, or those concerned with social isolation, dementia, and cognitive decline.

Individuals with hearing loss have an increased risk of social isolation, even prior to the pandemic. However, during this time of social distancing, communication has become increasingly digitized, relying on phone calls, video conferencing and webinars. For those with hearing loss, staying connected has become much more difficult.

If left untreated, hearing loss can lead to significant health risks such as cognitive decline. Fortunately, today’s advanced technology now allows for a seamless connection to computers, televisions, and smartphones that help mitigate the effects of hearing loss and social isolation.

The team at Moore Audiology offer urgent care for those looking for hearing loss treatment. They also provide high-quality devices that connect with technology and allow patients to receive the help they need before further isolation occurs.

Moore Audiology is dedicated to providing an exceptional patient experience. The hearing professionals are committed to improving the quality of life for all of their patients and help them reduce the effects of hearing loss, isolation and loneliness.

A spokesperson for the center said: “Our experienced providers are rooted in patient care and have deep knowledge of the hearing field. Our providers work together, using cutting edge technology and clinical knowledge, to determine the exact status of your hearing. Our primary mission is to educate you about hearing, your specific needs and your treatment options.”

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