Sulfate Free Shampoo Conditioner Pros Cons Benefits & Comparison Report Released

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The International Princess released a new report detailing why everyone should be using sulfate free shampoos and conditioners and listing some of the best brands currently in the market.

The popular hair care blog International Princess has released a new report explaining the main benefits of using shampoos and conditioners with no sulfate and analyzing some of the best sulfate free brands out there right now.

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The International Princess is a famous blog providing men and women who want to repair and properly care for damaged, dry or colored hair a variety of treatment tips and product recommendations.

The famous blog has now launched a new report explaining why everyone who wants a gentle, safe bath and a beautiful, shiny and vibrant hair should be using shampoos with no sulfate.

The report starts by explaining what sulfates are, why they’re used in many shampoos and conditioners out there and why, as chemicals, they are bad for the hair, the scalp and especially those with sensitive, dry skin.

It also details how the absence of these chemicals in a shampoo or conditioner helps make the bath experience more natural, safe and gentle, reduces scalp irritation, increases moisture retention for less frizziness, makes the color last longer and improves the overall appearance of the hair.

To help all the ladies who want a sulfate free bath find out which brand best suits their hair, it then lists, reviews, ranks and analyzes some of the best sulfate free options out there, with all their pros and cons.

Among these are the anti-dandruff Era Organics shampoos and conditioners, the unisex Shu Uemura shampoos, the color preserving Pureology Hydrate shampoo and conditioner set, the well-known L’Oreal Paris Ever Pure and the Oribe, Aveda Dry, Paul Mitchell or Shea Moisture Raw products.

In the end, it also pinpoints the best sulfate free shampoos out there for those who dye or highlight their hair and want something tailor-made to prevent the color from fading, the ones that best maximize the curls and the best choices for damaged and dry hair.

To see the new sulfate free shampoos and conditioners report or consult all the other hair product, treatment and care tips the International Princess blog offers, ladies can visit their website at

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