Sudoku Tutorials Offer Solving Strategy Lessons for Challenging Harder Puzzles

Newly updated Sudoku tutorials from Sudoku Professor help players looking to solve more challenging and advanced puzzles with tips, techniques, and walkthroughs in video format available online

Newly updated Sudoku tutorials provide players lessons, walkthroughs, and techniques to solve harder and more challenging puzzles. The videos are from online authority Sudoku Professor who has been teaching players about the popular puzzle game since 2008.

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The recently updated tutorials offer players solving strategies and techniques that are based on logic and deductive reasoning. These skills are necessary for players to complete more difficult or challenging puzzles.

Sudoku is a single player game often found in magazines, newspapers, and online media outlets as a form of solo entertainment. These puzzles are typically placed near other similar games like crossword puzzles and word searches.

Viewers of the tutorials from Sudoku Professor have heaped praise on the lessons for their simple and straightforward approach to solving harder Sudoku.

“I tackled my first Medium puzzle and I was able to solve it! Before [these tutorials], it probably would have frustrated me, but I was confident I could do it,” says one satisfied viewer.

The website offers players a series of free videos that can help any player start playing the game. These videos include techniques, puzzle demonstrations, and guided walkthroughs of solving techniques.

“Sudoku really is a great way for people to entertain themselves, especially as more people spend time at home.” says Chad Barker, known as the Sudoku Professor to his students online. “There has been a large spike in people looking to learn the game and get better. People discover that those boxes and squares can be more challenging than they ever imagined – that’s where the tutorials help.”

The company provides paid courses for players who are serious about getting better at solving.

“We’ve had so many people take the courses over the years that frankly I’ve lost count. Once you dive into the world of Sudoku, there’s really a worldwide community of players who focus on solving these challenging puzzles. It’s pretty amazing how many players really are the game seriously.”

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