Sudoku Strategy Tutorial Videos Helps Beginner Players Solve Harder Puzzles

New sudoku tutorial videos from Sudoku Professor teach solving secrets and strategies for new and intermediate players to solve harder puzzles that require more complicated logic.

New Sudoku strategies and tutorials from Sudoku Professor are helping beginner and intermediate players learn to solve harder puzzles without confusion or looking up answers to specific spaces.

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The lessons walk through fundamental techniques of solving success and teach players how to approach and solve puzzles of greater difficulty without guesswork or cheating. Players who sign up for the free lessons on this page also receive bonus videos with additional strategies and solving tips.

The updated videos include walkthroughs, printable Sudoku puzzles for solving along with the lesson, and resources to help players solve faster and make fewer mistakes when playing the game. Fans of the puzzles and the Professor are already expressing their satisfaction and gratitude for the updated content and additional bonus lessons.

Said a student of the videos, “… your lessons are really challenging my ability to think and are good exercises for my brain. Wish I had heard about The Professor Sudoku a year ago. I would like to encourage anyone wanting to get into Sudoku to take [this] course first.”

Sudoku Professor also offers more lessons and resources for fans on the company Facebook page.

“I tackled my first Medium puzzle and I was able to solve it! Before your videos, it probably would have frustrated me, but I was confident I could do it. Thanks for your videos!” offered another satisfied student of the course.

Sudoku Professor has been teaching players the game of Sudoku online since 2008. The company offers a multitude of courses, a private online Sudoku players club, a Facebook group for enthusiasts of the game, and more.

According to the website more than 175,000 students have completed the programs offered on their members platform.

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